Cleaning the Bathroom...

On Monday, me, Jordan, Judy, and Mrs. Bazen went to clean out the bathrooms that we would be using all week for VBS. And wow... They hadn't been used for a long time! They were filthy!
Walking over to the park from the church.

They had really cool plants down there.

Judy! The Cleaning Queen! She cleaned the toilets... bless her heart!

Mrs. Bazen - Cleaning Diva
Mrs. Bazen swept the bathroom
Jo mopped
What was annoying, is the water only trickled out of the sink, so Jo had to sit there forever getting enough water to mop.
I washed off the counter, 5 times... and I found a cute little gecko in the sink. Except it was dead. Poor thing.

Yea, about the pics. Sorry Jo, you were still mopping!
And that's Aden again! My little buddy!
All done!
Going back to the church, there was this weird viney tree. Or trees. Or whatever. Thought I'd show ya'll.
- Jen -

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