I FINALLY got my pictures off of our church's computer! Yea! I'm so happy! So, now I will post the pictures in order. This is Sunday, the day after we arrived there. Here we are doing junior church on a tiny little shuttle bus. But it was nice, because the kids were contained! Haha!
Josh and Ben were teaching the kids the verse.
 Judy and me!
 One of the "twins" and Mrs. Lowe. The twins were so goofy! Later that week on Friday, we played Duck Duck Goose, and they were so hilarious! They had the cutest giggle.
 Me and Benji!
 After Junior Church, we gave the kids lemonade. The boys in the back were making goofy faces at me. I miss all those cute kids!
 Can't wait to go back next year!
- Jen -

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  1. You and Judy look really pretty in the pic of both of you! You look really pretty in the one w/ Benji too! Adorable kids! I wanna meet them all one day

    Rue =D


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