Broken Down...

 So yea... we kinda broke down about 50 times. It was sad.
 Sarah thought she'd use the time to fight people with branches.
 It was kinda boring. A few of us sat down on the road and made faces at the cars going by, or we would play dead, or just stare at them. It was pretty fun!Finally this kind old guy stopped and helped us fix the bus.

 Here's our Shuttle Bus
(Pics By Caleb Peck)


  1. R the last 7 pics by Caleb 2? Did u edit them cuz they look cool! 50 times you guys broke down huh? That's allot of times! Lol ; )


  2. Lol, well Caleb took all the pics, but I edited them. Thx!

    lol, no... not 50. But it sure did feel like it! Ugh!


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