TEAM Week...

Well, here are some more pics I stole from James.

Here's the decorated room. We had put 3 strobe lights in different positions, (1 on the ceiling, 2 on the platform), so when we turned off all the lights, we'd turn on the strobes. Then we threw out 10 big beach balls. It was kinda cool, cause the beach balls would hit you in the face before you could catch them.
 One night we had to have it in the TEAM room, because they were using the gym for a funeral.
 Monster Chugging Contest. They tied.

 Soccer! That was fun! But it has been so dry here lately, that with all the kids running around, you would get tons of dirt in your mouth, and then it would turn to mud. Kinda nasty.

 Dad preached! He did an awesome job.


 Abby and the Duffer girls did "gymnastics" while waiting on us teens. It was rather interesting!

(Pic taken by random people using James' phone! Thx guys!)
- Jen -


  1. Thanks for all the pics! It was fun to see everyone!!!!! :D Wow.... now I feel a little homesick!

  2. Hey jen, tell Jordan to make her blog so anonymous people can comment! I've wanted to cOmment but i couldn't cuz she doesn't have anonymous commenting. Nice pics btw. Even tho they werent all taken by you . U guys did an awesome job decorating! It was 2 bad more ppl didn't show up!



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