Abby's Shopping Trip...

For Abby's B-day, Gramma took her shopping in North Conway at the mall. And... we got to tag along! Oh yea! I'm so glad we did though cause I got a $10.00 coat. The tag said  $119.00 marked down to $45.00, then down to $10.00! I was a happy camper! And I got a church shirt from Dress Barn.

She also took us out to eat at Friendly's!

I got a Fanta like I always do. Fanta or Cherry Coke.
 Mom and Gramma split a Reuben, both got a Root Beer, and both got the same soup!
 The baskets for the fries were pretty cool!
 Abs and Me
 I got Chicken Tenders w/honey mustard! No matter where I go this is what I LOVE to get.
 B-day gal
 Abs got Oreo Ice Cream

 Driving Home

 And I picked up this brochure from Friendlys because I love cupcakes and I had seen the place while we were driving. So I looked at it and saw that they were Season 7 winners from Cupcake Wars! COOL!
- Jen -

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  1. Wow! A $10 coat! Awesome! Looks like y'all had fun! Happy Birthday to Abby! We LOVE cupcake wars too! :)
    Have a great day!


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