The Brown's House #1...

So last Sunday we were invited to go to the Brown's house before Noah leaves.
It was very fun!
Sam and Sam came too!
Haha! They were a little late on their poises.

While waiting for the cotton candy maker to turn on, we played a game.

I got some!
It was really cool! Still can't figure out how it works though!

And then after cotton candy we went sledding! We even built a snowman named Michael, [Yes Michael Babineaux, we named him after you! ;)], but then we destroyed him. Josh tackled him. And then we had several snowball fights, and yep! It was fun!
Here's Noah's dog sled he made.
More to come soon!
- Jen -


  1. I am so honored to have be named after a snow man lol!!...

  2. I like the part about destroying the snowman....Michael must bring out some aggression in you all!! Lol! :)


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