Happy B-day Abby...

Here's Momma cookin' up the spaghetti for Abby's B-day dinner. She wanted spaghetti and meatballs and coleslaw. Oh, and Sprite.
Abby patiently waiting for Gramma and Grampa to come.
 And Kaylen made party hats!
 Gramma improvised hers

 It was also Ann's Birthday so Abby bought her a few things. It was funny cause she would stuff her nose down into the bad and pull out her toys.
 And we are kinda sick of Birthday cake, so she wanted me to make her an ice-cream cake. It was sooooo good! It was chocolate cake with Oreo ice cream.
 Gramma and Grampa gave her an envelope...
 ...with a card...
 ...and a puzzle!
 So some time when it's not too snowy, me and Gramma and Abby will take a mystery ride somewhere!
 Blowing out the candles.
 I would've fixed up the pictures a little, but Dad got Windows 8 for Mom for Christmas, and I don't have my picture editor on here yet.
- Jen -


  1. Awwww! That looks like a TOTALLY AWESOME birthday party!!!!

    Loved the pics!

    Love you guys!

    Love ya, Abs!


  2. Looks Like you had an GREAT Birthday Abby!

    Love ya! & Happy Birthday!


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