My Deadly Ice Trident...

Found sneakily dripping off our roof, this hazardous hunk of amazement was retrieved by non other! The Brave Ice Retriever!
Lol, Dad said it was his eletrical guitar!

It was taller than Lijah!
 Glorifying in my success.
Abby and the ice... Lol, total inside joke...
 These were kinda far away. Thought I'd post the actual pics.

- Jen -


  1. FIERCE!!!!

    That's what came to mind when I saw those pics.

    Hmmm.... guess I'll be able to experience a NH winter next year. Not too sure I'm looking forward to it! But at least I'll have my trusty ice slayer by my side! ;)

  2. Yes Jenny we know you were the one who got it off the roof but I was the one who fond it.



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