A Trip Of Randomossity...

Off to Lowe's it was! We all piled into our ugly big box van, and started out trek through New Hampshire's back roads all the way to town.
 I Brought My Camera + We Were Bored = Weird Pictures

 The sun kept coming out of the clouds, then back in, and my settings were on manual, so they're a little messed up. I was lazy and didn't want to edit either.

 Almost there!
 It was 12 out. But that wasn't too bad. Me and Dad got wood in the morning when it was -4. Oh so cold!
 My new favorite pit stop. I love their combo. A medium coffee and 2 donuts.
 We had to get gas... runnin' on empty ain't good with 7 passengers.

 I LOVE Jeeps! My favorite is the shiny metallic orange. They didn't have any there. I think it sold. There are actually a few around town. LOVE THEM! Anybody feeling generous? Great B-day present!


- Jen -

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