Snow and Snowmen...

We've had snow for a while here... and yes, I do like summer much better. But I don't mind the snow tooooo much. Elijah had a great time! It was actually really warm out.

 And the sun came out a little through the clouds and it was sooo gorgeous! So I rushed upstairs to get my camera, and got in some good practice with manual mode.

 Different shots of the same thing with different settings.

 And me and Dad saw a turkey while going to the store. And then the other day we saw a bobcat, mink, and a fox all in the same day! The bobcat was crossing the road, then we went to our old rental house and the mink went underneath the playhouse, then right up under the house, and then the fox was by the side of the road when we went home!

And... just a little FYI, I LOVE old bridges!
 And Dad installed some snazzy hooks in the boot room. Looks great! Good job Pop!

- Jen -


  1. Great pictures! The snow is beautiful! :)

  2. The pic of the sun coming through the clouds reminds me that one of these days the SON is coming through the clouds and catch us all outta here:). That's enough to make a dead baptist shout rat there, I don't care who you are (baptist leg kick too:))

    1. um no thanks about the leg kick thingy

  3. Abby, there are such things as snow pants... just saying! ;) But the snowman is cute!

    Elijah, such a cutie! I love the snowman, and I'm glad that you were able to play outside in the snow!

    Jenny, awesome pics! As always... and... I'm still alive, still here, bored during the days... so you can call or email me any time!

    And Dad... awwwww! What a cute shot! All peaking out from behind the piano like that... just makes me wanna pinch yer cheeks (facial...)! *Wink-age*

  4. Haha! Baptist Leg Kick. Yep... miss those...

    Britt... I need your #! Lost it in the move.


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