Kaylen Had a Birthday!

So we headed off to Gramma and Grampa's house to celebrate! She was very excited! They had even decorated for her and it looked sooooo cute! Gramma got the balloons, we got the candles, be neither of us knew they matched PERFECT!
 The silverware was so cool too! It was like all glittery... I had never seen any like this before.

 Lololol! She makes the weirdest faces ever!
 Opening presents time!

 Elijah always thinks he should be in charge of opening all her presents. It's so hard for the poor little guy to sit there and watch!

 Mom tickling Elijah
 Father Dear, the tired spectator.

 Haha! Janae... this is for you! Remember Olive Garden?!?!?!
- Jen -


  1. Love!!!!!!! The animal hat is so cute! It kinda looks like her... :)


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