Alrighty! I got SDC pictures! For those of you who don't know... SDC is a theme park in Branson Missouri. It's full name is Silver Dollar City. It's a really fun place to go with friends. So, we went for 3 days with the Krahns, Pecks, and Howells. It was extremely fun! So, here goes!

Here's Elijah at the campground goofing off.

He is sooooo adorable!

Lovely horns/ears dear.
Britt wanted me to take a picture showing how small/big the cabins were. Actually, Britt slept in the van 1 night, and Dad the other night. And yes... the floor was hard.
Now these are a little blurry! Abby took some pics for us.
I had just eaten a cookies for breakfast and so I was "cleaning" my teeth!
Bob with her morning coffee!
Okay, this is now at SDC. I think it was at the end of the day.
Pop and the stroller and Britt way in front.
Awwwww! This is an extremely scary picture!
The Howells!
( Hey Mr. Howell... do you wanna take a plunge? ) :D
Yikes! This is Janae!
On the bridge!
Oh boy!
We had a fun time taking these.
And... the little squirrel was snitching roasted peanuts.
- Jen


  1. We had a GREAT time with all of you at SDC, and hope we can join you again in the fall for round 2! Nothing better than friends, food, and rides...especially water rides! Thank you for not posting some of the goofy pics from SDC that you could have...

    Mr. Howell

  2. awww! Those are cute!!!! Looks like fun! :-D


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